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News | 24.07.2015
Picture Safe
Picture Safe is online now

A long time ago, we developed a simple app to the hide his private pictures.
After long time and multiple requests, we have decided to renew the app completely.

- Adapted to Windows phone 8
- New file system
- Simplified operation
- Advanced importer
- New image viewer
- New design
- New logo

News | 07.07.2015
10.0 Lock Screen
Version is coming soon and bring a new great innovation.

Now, each created Lock Screen can be pinned on the Home Screen.
This creates a cycle tile. The tiles are renewed together with the lock Screen every 30 minutes and supplied with new images.

News | 07.07.2015
More than 1.000.000 downloads in the Windows phone store.
More than 2000 registered users on

Thank you very much to all users!

News | 27.06.2015
10.0 Lock screen
Version is online

A new version is now available.
There were small changes in the lock screen engine.
In addition, the logo was changed.

We have created a Web page to this app, where you will find lots of great information.
Later we will add here even ideas for the design of the personal lock screen.

News | 27.06.2015
Police Shooter
Now available for Windows and Windows Phone!

The time has come!
The Police Shooter is back.

New style, new enemies, new game.
We have completely redesigned the game
Available for Windows phone.
Soon also for Windows.

Loading your gun and play!
In this great and simple shooter, in the comic book style, comes everyone to his taste.
Just get started and have fun.
Much different levels and weapons.

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