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News | 27.04.2016
8.1 Lock Screen, version, for Windows Phone, is available now
With 8.1 Lock screen the first app is adapted to our new Web platform.
Important! Who uses the app should update it absolutely. The old APIs will be deleted in the near future. The online components can be downloaded only from this version.

Also, app has been adapted the app to the new Windows 10 Store.
For this, we have uploaded new photos, and changed the licensing information and links to the privacy policy.

News | 17.04.2016
Welcome to our new web platform.

xtrose is now online for one and a half years.
At that time the web page was created relatively quickly to provide users of our games the ability to log on and to post high scores.
To save time, many pages were static and always individually created. APIs for games and other apps were all individually created. This resulted in a mess after some time.

Anyway, xtrose has grown rapidly. Many users take advantage of the opportunity to sign up here. Until today, we have 3200 users on xtrose and 1,200,000 downloads in the Windows store.

It is time for the new xtrose

The new xtrose was built with much effort and a working time of more than 300 hours. A webpage was turned into a web platform.
The perfect place to our present apps and projects.
News, apps and APIs can be easily created by us and managed. Users have the ability to create a profile, which can be read by our games and apps. Users can also post comments now on our Web site and participate directly on the further development of our projects.
Users can specify in their profile if they want take part in beta versions. You have the opportunity in advance to test apps and games.

Now is time to use the page to develop really good games and apps.

Have fun


News | 15.10.2015
Tile Silverlight
Now available for Windows Phone!

Create your own tile for your home screen and associate them with different actions.
Silverlight is a kind to develop apps for Windows phone.

In Silverlight, there are 3 types of tiles that you can put on your home screen.
- The flip tile, which can contain images and information.
- The cycle tile showing up to 9 images alternately.
- The iconic tile, which can display an icon and various information.

With this app, you can design any type of tiles.
Use the editor with many great opportunities.
You can put each of these tiles on your home screen and can provide them with different actions.
Therefore, you can open links on the Internet or using different settings.
There are already many great templates.

Test it for free!

- Create tiles for the home screen
- Support for all Silverlight tiles
- Tiles can be linked with various actions
- Tile Editor
- Many tile templates


News | 30.07.2015
Screen changer X
Now available for Windows Phone!

The easier-to-use lock screen solution.
Simple image changer with users informations on lock screen.
Create also picture-tile on the start screen.

- Change your lock screen every 30 minutes.
- Use your own images and cut it to fit.
- Create a personal user information that you immediately know who owns the cell phone.
- Supports all display formats.
- Created a new lock screen every 30 minutes.
- Changing background pictures.
- Changing user pictures.
- Advanced user information.
- Adjustable colors.
- Use of infinitely many images.
- Many possibilities.

News | 29.07.2015
10.0 Lock Screen
Version is available in the store

- Bug fix (Fixed a bug in the background service)
- New logo
- Minor changes to the design

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