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8.1 Music
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8.1 Music
8.1 music finally reach your music faster.
The new list view lets you Super fast find your artists, albums or songs.
A mini Player, a small player, and a full-screen player allow to give you full control over your music. In portrait as well as landscape mode.
Create your own design or download finished designs from the Internet.
In addition, there are many extras.

- List view of your music
- List view of your playlists
- 3 different media players
- Supports portrait and landscape
- Short playing the title
- Design Editor
- Download finished design from the Internet
- Stop the music and delete from the media player
- 100 last reproductions are stored
- Full color customization
- Lots of great extras
News | 8.1 Music | 03.05.2016
8.1 Music, version, for Windows Phone, is available now.

8.1 music adapted well to our new Web platform.
Here we changed the APIs to the download of the designs.
Important! Who uses the app should update it absolutely. The old APIs will be deleted in the near future. The online components can be downloaded only from this version.

In addition we have customize the the store informations for the Windows 10 store.
The store information, images, contact information and privacy policy have been adjusted.

The ability to backup the app data on one drive made problems and has been removed.

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